About Us

Titan Band Boosters Inc., is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization set up for the sole purpose of supporting Olympia High School’s band and guard programs. By definition, the role of the booster organization is to “boost” the band program in a positive manner. The purpose of the Titan Band Boosters is to advance the best interests of the Titan Band Program by providing support, as requested by the band directors. All parents or guardians of students enrolled in the band program are eligible members of the organization. Maintaining a thriving band program requires support and funding beyond that of the school system. Titan Band Boosters were formed in 2012 to provide this support. Specific objectives include:

***  Purchase and maintenance of uniforms

***  Provision of funds for purchase/repair of instruments, equipment, music, etc. requested by directors

***  Furnishing chaperones/volunteers for band and guard events

***  Organization and implementation of fundraising activities

***  Encouragement of new parent involvement

***  Stimulate and maintain an enthusiastic interest and support for all phases of the band program

***  Support and advocate for music programs in the public schools